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The people who invented jeans..are geniuses

Sep. 2nd, 2010 | 09:58 am

 or at least..had a houseful of cats and wanted to come up with a trendy, comfortable clothing that will also protect them against cats with sharp sharp claws that have no problem skinning you alive.....
Not that Zephyr is that bad with his claws...but it hurts. A Lot when he get overexcited and out comes those little knives. 
Slowly, we're getting to know each other's routine and personality. Cat's really are..very independent. He seems to like playing by himself more than playing with me sometimes T.T And he's not a morning kitty at all. He gets all grumpy and only act cute till he gets his breakfast. Then it's all "don't touch me. don't touch me. leave me alone. rawr"
Then there are moments where he acts all cute and lies on his back with his little paws tucked in...or he comes to you for lap napping on his own...it makes me heart melt as fast as ice cream in a hot summer's day. 
Ah, cute kitty. He's a pretty good kitty in general. Got a bit more vocal and talkative now than before. His meows are the cutest XD. 
I wish he'd stay this cute for a loooong timmmeeee.... 

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The Kitten Blog

Aug. 31st, 2010 | 09:55 am

 Scrap books are a great way of keeping precious memories...but its been slowly fading out. Now, all the cool people use web blogs....so since I find my life kinda boring..I shall now turn this blog into one about my kitten, Zephyr~

Name: Zephyr
Age: ~8 weeks
Gender: Male
Colour: dark orange, bordering on a light russetish colour
Personaity: Bipolar
Intelligence level: mountain of potential
Language: tri-lingual (Cat, Mandarin, English-as in, hopefully he'll know all these. Now, he doesn't understand any >.>)

Yep...bipolar...but that is just an initial assessment, I only had him for 3 days ( got him on the 28th of August, 2010). The first day, he was curious, playful with a hint of timidness. He wasn't used to the litter box though, climbed and cried out every time we put him in. In the end, he peed in a corner under my desk. I got some paper towels, soaked up his pee, put it into the litter box, cleaned that area with detergent and bleach...then went and got some sand to put in his litter box. Later, he went inside the litter  box to pee/poo! I was so happy, and relieved and thought he was very very smart. He is a good kitten that didn't meow too much and went to sleep for the whole night. Gooood kitten. 
Second day, more playful, more curious, climbed anywhere he could, really likes biting and scratching my bed and the couch corners. I went and got a spray bottle since telling him "No" in a you're-in-trouble voice doesn't seem to work. The first time I sprayed him, he looked so pathetic, like I just kicked him. It made me feel very bad. T.T Now, he's just afraid of the spray bottle, but still climbs on my bed and scratches it up like he's very angry at the world. >.>
Will have to continue to work on that. He also stopped sleeping in my room! I was so heart broken when he decided that the couch was better than the bed I made for him..I guess he's trying to grow up...T.T
Third day, he shows his true colours. I awoke to purring at 6:30 am....and when I put him off the bed, he just climbed back on. We went back and forth like this till 7:05 am. He finally went to sleep a bit more. But I was woken up at 8 again, this kitten is really weird. When he's hungry, he doesn't meow or walk around his bowel, he just purrs. But he does that after he eats too or when he wants to nap on you. So sometimes I have no idea what he wants. T.T Zephyr, you gotta be more cleaaar. Your owner isn't good at kitty language yet. 

Basically, everyday, he eats, he plays, he sleeps. Sometimes he's all sweet and purr-y and adorable and cuddly, other times he's all claws and teeth and biting you every time you go near him. He runs like the devil is on his tail, zooms in and out of my room. 

Currently, he's napping on the couch. I'm spending most of my time playing with him. When school starts, /_\, it's gonna be horrible. 

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ouch how the world have changed..

Apr. 8th, 2010 | 10:44 pm
location: nowhere

 Today, I was brought down a peg. Made to realize how big the world actually is, and how there are a lot more superior people out with that's just better than me. with more potential. can do more stuff in less time and do it better. 

I was a fool. a conceited, naive fool. And today, i was aware of it. plummeted down into the abyss from my "pedestal". But really, how competitive has the world become. Everything's standards have risen. Even colleges are now hard to get into. I question if I am smart enough to live in this society. Is living a "just above average" life impossible even for me? How much harder do I have to fight just to survive? Why am I in this stagnant middle ground of society where I am not smart enough to get into the top but not dumb enough to not give a damn and languidly reside in the bottom? 
What do I want? DO I have enough "UGH" to get where I want? of WHAT I want? What Do I WANT? How much do I want it? How far do I have to go to get it? 


okay. i feel a bit better. i think. i should. i am..?

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Pain is good

Feb. 8th, 2010 | 03:50 pm
location: home
mood: soresore
music: Take the pain away...(bet there is such a song)

because it let's you know you are alive. But what most people forget to say is that it also makes you wish you were dead again.

The next time I ever say that I like pain. Slap me to La-La Land.

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Standing at gunpoint...

Jan. 30th, 2010 | 12:50 pm
location: home
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: cars passing by on the road

Well, of course it's not literally. Or perhaps I should say I was standing at gunpoint literally, but it was a dream. Still, It made my heart stop for a few seconds I think. I don't remember much of what happened in that dream. But apparently, there's a crazy person dressed like those old Englishmen that goes lion hunting in Africa ( that hunter Guy from the movie Jumanji) who was just shooting down everyone on the street. For some reason, I was on that street and hiding. The police were there, but the psychopath was an unstoppable force. He would shoot randomly and then run forward toward the police, without a care. There was no chance for the civilians involved to escape unharmed. So he's shooting and running up, and suddenly, he was right in front of me and a few other people. I think I had a gun in my hand too, but it wasn't raised. And well, when you're dealing with someone who isn't afraid to die, even a gun is not much protection. So there we are, having a stand down between crazy guy, me, Person No. 1, Person No. 2 and maybe more people? But yea, I felt like I was going to die in a few seconds...and like all good nightmares, miliseconds before the climax, I wake up.

Then...not long after, I had another nightmare. This one had to do with some...monster that eats people. So I and some..random people were running away, but was lost in the monster's dungeon. So we were forced to go into this filthy lake (but I think it was used to season the human beings), of course, the monster's lackies said it's just a "hot spring"...and we were then marched in line with other people towards some unknown destination in the dark. woke up again before the 'eating scene' but...T.T too scary.

I want nice dreams again.

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Builders and Beaches

Nov. 4th, 2009 | 08:23 pm
location: home sweet home
mood: contentcontent
music: classic music~

Yesterday night, for the first time, I saw a play that is not done by high school students. It was called "The Master Builder" a translation of Herik Ibsen. The stage was set up in a really cool way where the audience was part of the stage, and there was lighting on the floor that made it look like a draft plan of a room. The actors were very in sync with their characters and not overly corny. The story itself....well, I think one of the theme is the fear of change, of the rising younger generation. Another is the pursuit of the impossible and the sanity of the master builder. Basic story line is that a master builder at the height of his career is suffering because his success came at the loss of his family, his happiness. Then a young energetic young girl comes along and urges him to be what he once was, a daring man, ready to challenge the impossible. His wife is unhappy and jealous but never says anything. there's talks about castles in the sky and a kingdom. That part was kind of confusing. In the end, the master builder dies from falling off a tower. 

Afterwards, slept at friend's place. The bed was really comfortable.

Then we went down to the beach and walked, it was awesome. We made rock statues, where you find rocks and just balance them one on top of another. Took a few pictures. It was really fun. We also saw a seal, though just the head. There was also a dead duck, which didn't smell bad. The ocean waves was very calming crashing onto the beach. I felt very peaceful and calm and free of worries even though I had just gotten my midterm earlier in the morning and saw that it was not one of the best marks I can get.

Well, the good thing is I know I'm not stupid but I really need to be more careful on exams.
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Eating with Friends

Oct. 28th, 2009 | 10:34 pm
location: home, not so sweet home
mood: amusedamused
music: some classical piece

Today was the UBC Kung Fu Icebreaker, we went to a Japanese hot pot restaurant. That by itself should have warned me but because I have been pampered by wonderful friends who knows how to enjoy their food, I was naive and thought it would be a wonderful and great.

There's usually one person in charge of the hotpot from what I have gleamed reading Japanese manga. Today, I saw the reason why. The person in charge, would most likely be an expert at this style of eating and thus, would know when to put in the food ingredients, when they are ready to be eaten and the order you put in the food to make the best cooking broth filled with flavour. The others would just sit and enjoy and listen to the "emperor".

This was not the case today.

when dictatorship fails and democracy is appliedCollapse )

Really, I feel lucky that I have being able to have good hot pot memories with friends who actually knows how to enjoy the food, to taste each morsel and aim for better taste perfectionism.

I will now refrain from eating hot pot with strangers who does not care to even try and learn the delicious way of enjoying a hot pot.

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Familarity breeds trouble...

Jul. 14th, 2009 | 08:25 pm

Children shows you their true side after the time period of a week.
hope and helplessnessCollapse )

I hope, their behavior will not be like an exponential graph, and the chaos would not rise impossibly high in the next few days. I hope Friday comes soon, and that I find my U-pass.


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The Joys and Pains...

Jul. 7th, 2009 | 10:28 pm
location: canada
mood: predatorypained

of summer camp will be engraved deeply in my heart, forever and ever.

a tale of merriment and woeCollapse )

The kids are adorable beyond words sometimes, but there are moments, many moments where I questions my sanity.


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Coincidence...or Not?

Jul. 2nd, 2009 | 10:32 pm
location: Earth
mood: creativenot really >.>
music: some..chinese song

I've met two people this past week that has made me wonder if seeing them was more than just a coincidence. I saw them individually on Tuesday and Thursday up at SFU. I had just finished my Kung Fu club activities and is waiting for the bus at the bus loop when a familiar face calls out to me. And that is the most I can say about them, they look familiar and seem to know me, so I must know them, but for the life of me, I just can not remember what their names were! On Tuesday, when it happened, I did not give it much thought. But today (Thursday), it happened again, and this time, the person (a girl) clearly called out my name unlike the guy from Tuesday who I think didn't remember my name but remembered my face. So since she knows me and my name, I feel really bad for not remembering her name..or if I even shared a class with her or not. I wonder if this is Fate trying to tell me something since this thing happening again (and so soon, 2 time on sfu, 2 times meet 'friends') is like lightening striking the same spot again after the first time. Maybe this is a omnious foreboding sign. I hope it isn't.

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